Tuesday, August 4, 2009

⁠God's Leading Lady ⁠By T. D. Jakes

So I brought a few books the other day and all of them were actually by T.D. Jakes. Absolutely love him and hope to have the honor of meeting him personally! I have had the pleasure of seeing and hearing him speak, but yet to meet him.

His books are for men and women. He really speaks the truth and breaks it down as far as life, love, trust, financial, god, but most of all, working on self. The book above is the 1st one that I've started reading. Its great thus far!

I've listed a the books overview to get an idea what its about. Ladies take note and try reading something different then the regular romance, drug dealing, beauty, and all that other craziness that's out there. Not knocking though because I read it too! But be woman enough to expand your minds.

Book overview

Bishop T.D. Jakes, the #1 best selling author of The Lady, Her Lover, and Her Lord, offers women a plan for taking charge of their lives--and starring in the unique role God has chosen them to play in the world. Providing the inspiration and the tools women need to face life's challenges, he teaches them how to: Triumph in the face of adversity Recognize the Lord's calling Create a godly and successful legacy--that will inspire and influence generations to come.

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Now I wannna read that!