Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jwork Doing Big Things!!!!

So I'm very pleased and excited to announce that my Jwork Ltd fam has been honored by gracing the cover....ok ya'll didn't hear me....THE COVER of Flypaper Magazine! Please catch Jermaine Jenkins, CEO of Jwork Ltd on the cover of Flypaper Magazine(he's on the left).

They are definitely the hottest and fastest growing clothing line not only in the midwest, but worldwide! I'm very happy and excited for what the future holds for this company...scratch that...this EMPIRE!

Just when you think its just the fashion they have on lock?!? No way! They are businesses within businesses and they keep growing bigger and stronger each day! They are the true definition of, " Keeping your hands in more than one project."

So please comment and show Jwork Ltd some love and also stop by to get you some of their 5-Star Lifestyle in your life!

"Jwork Ltd. Not just fashion, not just an empire, but a way of life!"

And everyone can quote me on that!!


Miss.Stefanie said...

I love it!

B. Floyd said...

I was JUST about to post this.