Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rob Zombie to Remake The Blob

After taking the reigns on the new versions of the Halloween movies, Rob Zombie is about to continue his work in the horror genre by remaking another cult classic in The Blob. According to Variety, Zombie will direct, produce and write the remake, which was originally released in 1958, about a red blob that crash landed on Earth from outer space and was able to absorb people and objects simply by rolling over them. The premise of Zombie's remake of The Blob will remain the same although the special effects expand upon the original Blob, which was a giant moving jello-like mass.

Details about the film are currently under wraps although Rob Zombie revealed in an interview with Variety that, "My intention is not to have a big red blobby thing – that's the first thing I want to change." With an estimated $30 million budget, Zombie has the freedom to do much more with CGI and/or animated Blob.

Rob Zombie is currently planning a tour to promote his latest album all while simultaneously finishing work on the screenplay for The Blob, which will blend sci-fi with horror. The film is set to follow the Halloween series as R-rated and bridge the gap between different genres.

With Zombie remaking The Blob, can we expect a new generation of "blobbers" to hit the web, writing all about a new version of the horror classic?

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LORD HAVE MY MERCY AND TOSS IT!!! I mean the first Halloween was good, I'm going to see the 2nd and The Blog??? Moving on...