Friday, August 7, 2009

Do You Remember......Isyss?

Isyss was an R&B girl group whose name stood for "Intelligent Sexy Young Soul Sisters".

The original members were LeTecia Harrison, Ardena Clark, La'Myia Good (sister to actress Meagan Good) and lead singer Quierra Davis-Martin They achieved moderate success in 2002 with their debut album "The Way We Do" which included the hits "Day & Night" Featuring rapper Jadakiss and "Single For The Rest Of My Life". They performed the theme song to the short lived BET talk show "Oh Drama". They were also nominated for two Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards and they took home one. They were the spokespersons for the hair care products "Got 2 B So Smooth". Unfortunately they were also dropped from Arista Records (due to poor album sales) before they could release their sophomore album.. Ardena Clark was later replaced by a new member "Love" shortly before they broke up due to creative differences. Their only album "The Way We Do" reached # 55 on the Billboard Charts and has only sold about 300,000 copies.

After Isyss

Currently, La'Myia Good and Love are both members of a new R&B group BAD GYRL. Quierra Davis-Martin is pursuing a solo career. LeTecia Harrison is a model and she has a fashion line. Ardena Clark is studying politics.


S.W. said...

yesss how can i forget "And if i cant haveeee youuuuuu i'll just be single for the rest of my life"

Miss.Stefanie said...

::FINISHES THE SONG FOR S.W::: Cuz nobody else could compare to you, nobody can do it quite like you!

Lil Honey B said...

I miss them. There seems to be a void for girl R&B groups these days... : (

Brittania said...

It's a shame Ardena Clark left the group to join a cult. She's member of the Larouche Youth Movement which is headed by Lyndon Larouche (major nut job) who hates Jews, Brits, Obama, you name it. I met her 8 years ago when I was going to their meetings. I alway wondered why such a talented, not to mention drop dead gorgeous young woman would leave a promising career to panhandle for a lunatic. A real shame.

Anonymous said...

Oh really Brittania? You are so typical of Americans today -- you don't even know who the real enemy is.