Friday, October 24, 2008

Still Standing Intro

Hello everyone!! This is my first time ever blogging so bare with me!!;o) I have been told by a lot of people this helps to keep them sane and at peace, so I should give it a try. 2008 has been a very hard year for me and I'd figure trying something new would keep my mind off the negative and focus on the positive for the new year ahead of me.
I'm definitely looking forward to the new year!! Even though we are still about 2 months away, 2009 I feel is gonna be a great year for me and also those around me.
I have a lot of plans already for the new year and I have already made some moves to make those plans a reality.
In the meantime I just want to say " Thank You" to that person who keeps me sane no matter what and is always there for me no matter what. You are truly my best friend and I'm honored and privileged to be able to say that!!
I also want to say to all those who have blessed me with your prayers and well wishes during this diffucult year, " Thank You and God Bless!" You are all in my prayers just like me and my family was in your prayers. And to all those who thought I'd buckle and not make it???? Hahahaha.........IM STILL STANDING!!!!!!!!

(Spoken) Mama always told me Baby you gotta walk by faith And not by sight Real talk You gotta listen Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh-oh Ooh, yeah
(Verse 1) Oh, listen to me now I’m gonna say it loud So you won’t be confused ‘Bout what we talkin’ ‘bout I been through the storm Had dirt on my name I’m still holding on Champion of the game (they said) Whatever don’t kill you make you stronger Well, I must be the world’s strongest woman See I done done a whole lotta growin’ Everything you say I’m already knowin’ Cuz I…
(Chorus) I been up against ropes Everything you’re going through I been there before Seen them all come And I seen them all go You can bet your last that my head won’t hit the floor Never And I’m still standing, standing, standing, standing I’m still standing, standing, standing, standing....................


I am Jwork said...

Your a strong ass woman Period

Ran said...

Thank you!! I wonder were I got some of that from??;o)