Friday, October 24, 2008

Not Good Enough or Artistic Expression???

So I have seen both of Beyonce's new videos for " If I Were A Boy" and " Single Ladies" I personally loved both videos. I think that " If I Were A Boy" had a very good spin to it and that it was the perfect way to get the message she was singing out. Ive heard a lot of people liking this video and giving it very good feedback.
Now as far as the second video, " Single Ladies", I have been getting mixed reviews and opinions. Once again, me personally love this video! It didn't have all the smoke and mirrors if you will. It was a very upbeat, high energy, full out dance til you can't breath no more performance. And to me that is great!!! I love to see an artist put there heart and soul into their performance because it make me feel like I'm getting the entertainment that I expect from such a highly respected artist.
A lot of people has said that the video for " Single Ladies" was not what they expected or it was whack and looked cheap? My thing is I feel she expressed herself artistically and the way she felt she wanted to display the vibe of the song. To me I think it was brilliant that B did what she did for this video, for the simple fact that people were expecting her in a club bumping and grinding all up on dudes, making the man who lost out all jealous.
Being the TRUE artist that she is, she did the complete OPPOSITE. That's what makes her a great artist. You can hate her or love her, but the bottom line is she makes her $$$ and she handles her business. So, tell me what y'all think about the videos????

P.S. I also heard she did the " Single Ladies" Video in only ONE TAKE!!! No who else these days can do that???

Video For: "If I Was A Boy"

Video For: " Single Ladies"

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Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with you!! Artistic expression!!! I love when the artist steps outside the box and do the unexpected. That really shows their artistry and talent. I think beyonce does that time and time again.