Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Okay so the Trip to Detroit was the best!!! I really needed to get away from Columbus, even if it was just for a day!!! Once again I can't even stress how grateful and happy that my cuzzo had my back with asking me to go!! Thanks again Bran;o) I owe you BIG time!!
We didn't head out til about 2:45 but we arrived about 5:30- 6pm. Even after getting a little turned around, we still mad really good time!!
So we get to the area and its just flowing with people, media, and security, and a few other celebs. We actually sat near Rasheed Wallace and his wife. They were so cute!! He's soo tall and she's short and petite. She had on a banging silver sparkle dress with matching heels and he was just chilling in jeans and a sweatshirt. I was able to snap a few pics of them, but they came out too dark;o( O well....Anyway our seats were great!! Second row back from the stage!!! I'm talking we was so close Janet hit us with a few beads of sweat a few times!!!lolol
She started off with a Bang literally!! Popping up from under the stage in a ray of fireworks!! it was sooo hott!! she had about 6 costume changes and she dance and sang non stop for almost 2 1/2 Hours!!!! You could tell she was still a little sick cause you could hear it in her voice!
The way the stage was setup there was a walk way the went all the way around the front of the stage and extended halfway out into the middle of the arena. So anyone on the floor had very nice seats!!
The section we sat in was very close of course and very loud!! We actually sat right next to two couples from Ohio, 2 from Detroit, 1 from ATL, and one from Kentucky!! They were all mad cool and we all had a great time!! Some even exchanged email addresses to exchange pics with each other.
All in all it was a very good concert!! Even though she did admit they had to cut about 30 to 45 mins of the show due to laws in Detroit, about " Too lewd and sexual" performances. I enjoyed myself soo much and so did my cousin!! I was worried at first because I thought we may end up in a brawl and in jail for causing a riot???lol But, we had a talk in the car and he promised he wouldn't grab her unless she grabbed him 1st!!!lol ( there was a couple times where she got too close and I didn't think he would hold strong to his;o)
I can't wait for the next road trip!!! I posted some of the pics from the concert up.....I had a lot to choose from, but I only put a few.


Anonymous said...

Awww im sooo jealous!! i wanted to go so bad!! Looks like she did her thang!! And it also looks like yal had great seats!?!?!

Ran said...

Yes she did do her thang!!!lol And yes, we did have GREAT seats!! 2ND ROW!!!!

Fashion Guru said...

janet always brings it. Love her. glad u had fun

abw711 said...

Thats whats up....I am glad that you got a chance to get away. I need to take a little trip some where:)

Ran said...

Yes she does bring it!! I did have a wonderful time!! And yes, everyone needs to get away every once and awhile. Even if its just for the day!!