Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lil Wayne New Baby:Sarah B Lil Wayne Baby Mama

Lil Wayne New Baby:Sarah B Lil Wayne Baby Mama - Here is a picture of Lil Wayne’s new baby mama.Sarah B who is Vietnamese/Caucasian gave birth to a son named Dwayne Carter III yesterday for Wayne.Sarah B is 21 years of age and Dwayne Carter III is her second child.
It has also been said that Lil Wayne's new baby momma was a nail tech, stripper, model, or just a groupie, but no one knows any of this for sure?? There was a Myspace page of Sarah with all kind of pictures of her modeling, showcasing wads of money, as well as pictures during her pregnancy. But shortly after reports came out about her being Lil Wayne's baby momma, the page disappeared??
There were also rumors that it was actually R & B singer, Nivea, who was suppose to be pregnant by Wheezy?? Since Nivea and Terius " The Dream" Nash had divorced, Her and Wheezy were said to be madly in love all over again?? There was a video on YouTube that Lil Wayne Offered 1 Million dollars to who ever could get him a Nivea back together?? There's also a rumor that Nivea had ask Wheezy to marry her, but he said he wasn't ready for that, but has been seen around sporting a nice diamond band around his wedding finger that he has described as a "Promise Ring" to Nivea???
This story is just way out of control!! But all we can hope is that the new mother and new baby are healthy and doing well.


Anonymous said...

To Me This Sh*T Is Crazy He Got Soo Gassed Up With All This Fame That he Could Just Get All This Girls Prego When He Gets Bankruped Or Catch HIV He Gonna Realize That Fame Wasnt Worth It ANd You best To Believe All These Chicks Are Gonna Put Him On Child Support Come On Now Its Weezy They Paid For Life He Got Antonia Carter His ex Wife And His 1st baby Mother ....Then He Got This Unknown Bi**h Wats Her Face Sara B Pstt && Lauren London aka "NEW NEW" Come On Now He IS Soo Dumb Thats What He Gets For Coming Put With Taht Song EVERYGIRL There He Go He Fu*k EVERYGIRL And Got Them Prego lmaO! Thats Sad

kiiyaa said...

Kiiyaaa Say'sz

thiis iis bullsh*t : who iis thiis chiick && were did she come from ; since when did nievaa && lil wayne qet back 2qethaaa didnt she just qet divorced & why were ah promise rinq when He cheated on her w| Lauren London


Anonymous said...

I think the whole shit it crazy how he has three babies and there all a month apart....weezy is gonna b weezy and can't no1 change that bird man is suppose to b his father he should've taught him how to wrap it up

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