Sunday, October 26, 2008

Road Trip To Detroit

Okay so I'm very excited that I get the opportunity to see Ms. Jackson in concert this coming Tues in Detroit. To be honest, I wasn't even planning on going because I didn't even know when the concert was??
It was suppose to take place last month in Detroit, but due to her illness she's been suffering with, she had to re-schedule the date. Lucky for me, my cuzzo is a die hard Janet fan and he looks out for his cuzzo!!!
So I'm really looking forward to going now and not only to see Janet, but to spend time with my cuzzo and to get away from Cols for a little bit. Thank the lord I just so happened to have the day off at work too!!
The lord really does work in mysterious ways???;o) I am definitely glad it worked out in both of our favors!!! I know we will have a ball!! When the two of us get together we ALWAYS have a great time!!
Just one thing to my cuzzo, please don't grab her and try to kidnap her!! I mean JD is small I can take him. But them bodyguards is something different!!!lol

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