Sunday, October 10, 2010

No End To Success

Success is not the triumph over regress,
Success is the power to suppress.
Success is not the money or the fame,
Success is, knowing you are still the same.
Success is not the power or the pride.
Success is the knowing how to hide.
Success is not a gift or gain,
Success is accepting and believing in your name.
Success is not a point or goal to seek,
Success is, believing you have never reached the peak.
Success is

Jeff Rushton

This was a poem that really spoke to me. Right now there are a few personal and professional issues that I am currently faced with and there all to do with success and moving forward. When you are experiencing a new chapter in your life you should be happy excited and blessed. You shouldn't feel sad, mad, or like you owe an explanation.

When certain things happen in life they are truly for a reason. No matter what it is, be it a new Job, new friend, new car, new title, etc. You should never have to feel conflicted because you are given an opportunity over someone else. Bottom line is you were obviously doing the job you were suppose to be doing the correct way anyway in order to be considered for that next step right?

Unfortunately in life some people just can't accept the fact that there are people who are better qualified than them, more dependable, more trustworthy, and just an all around better candidate. It's like something I once heard in a Tyler Perry play and something my mom would always say, "When the Lord sees fit to start sending blessings your way, you will truly know who your friends are." Those words never rang as clear as they do now!!

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Anonymous said...

It's always hard no to get emotionl when it comes to situations like this. My thought is this, If at the end of the day you did what you felt were right and was told to do, then don't worry about it! Easier said then done I know, but it's the truth. You have such a good heart that is why even the smallest things that shouldn't matter do.