Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Me, Myself, & I Vacation

So it's been way too long since i've been doing my blog and I admit I have missed it soo much!! Alot hs bee going on in my life personally, apirtiually, mentally, and physically! It's all been great for me though!! I'm sooo loving my new outlook on life, love, health, work, and friendship that it's absolutely wonderful!!

Even though i'm very happy with all the new facsinating things in my life, I also understand more now than ever what it means to take a break!!! Fot the last 2-3 years i have been going HARD!!! No real rest, no real time for me, which means no real fun for me!!!!

So after the next few events, school, and work projects i have coming up are over, i've made it up in my mind that im taking a vacation for at least a good week to relax have funn and experience something new!!! I've decided to go on a vaction that is very well much needed!!

ive decided to entitled this trip the "Me, Myself, & I" Vacation. i decided to name it this because sometimes we all just need to get away and relax our mind, body, and soul!1 we all get so caught up in the hussle and bussle of everyday life that we dont take time for self. so ive decided to take a trip to a destination ive never been before. on this trip its all about me and my peace.

im still looking for a destination thats a for sure go, but do have a good 3 spots picked out thus far. i wanted to not only go somewhere ive never been but also somepllace where i dont know anyone to make sure i get the ulltimate peace and pleasure of doing my own thing on my own time. im also considering routing all communcation to my house phone and disconected all my emails from my blackberry to have contact with those im usually around or have to be accountable for. the only cotact i will have is if i decide to contact you!! only person who will have emergency contact is my papi cause he threathen to beat me if he or my stepmom couldnt reach me!!! lol

i feel that everybody should have a trip like this to relax regroup and catch a grip on life instead of just watching it rush on by!! its a great wa to come up withh fresh ideas, mentally challenge yourself with making things happen on your own in a different city, state, country, and or island. im very excited and i cant wait to go!! Now if i could narrow down my choices?!?!?! orn at least where i want to go for my 1st trip??? heres a few pics of one of my destinations!!


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IS VERY GOOD..............................

Don said...

Hey. I know this is an old post but I had to respond and add that you are ballin'.

Too funny @ only person who will have emergency contact is my papi cause he threathen to beat me if he or my stepmom couldnt reach me!!! lol

Anonymous said...

love the pics! looks like you had a fab vacation!

also - new blog, left blogger & switched over to wordpress