Sunday, October 24, 2010

This Time - Short Film

I just stumbled upon this short film and I think it's absolutely amazing!!! I had to wait about 20 mins before posting this because of crying. I can relate to the situation. I had a loved one gone for almost 2 years in the military not knowing if they would make it back safely or not? That person was my whole world and was all I ever wanted!

Unfortunately being away and going through such a traumatic time in life it grew us apart and messed up our relationship. At first there were other blames for it but ultimately it was that time apart and the differences in us both that occurred AFTER that time that strained and dissolved our relationship. It was definitely a gift and a curse.

No one will ever know what it's like in the life of an military man or woman until they actually experience what they go through. And nobody will truly understand what it's like for a parent, child, significant other, or family member of a military person goes through unless they;ve experienced it. Trust me, it's totally different from the outside looking in.

I would totally LOVE to see this short film turned into a full length movie. I think it would be absolutely awesome!! Kudos to Reagan Gomez-Preston

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