Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The King Has Arrived!!

So the city of Cleveland was in a complete and utter uproar about Lebron leaving the Cavs. I completely understand where they are coming from and their point of view. But at the end of the day obviously Lebron wasn't happy and the owner who's been irate disrespectful and totally outta line like a girlfriend or wife done wrong, wasn't trying to do anything to make King James happy?! Therefore, Bron left and decided to take his talent and chances down to Miami.

My thought on this situation is I'm happy for Lebron and wish him the best! I'm a fan of Lebron so I'm gonna root for him no matter where he goes. To me true fans would feel the same way. Can't be mad at him for the choice he made. He did what he felt he needed to do. If ya'll gonna be pissed it needs to be towards the man who didn't surround Lebron with a strong consistent team around him.

Bottom line business is business and a job is a job. Ya'll know that if ya'll at a job ya'll don't like and its not making you happy or giving you what you need what ya'll gonna do? Ya'll gonna look for another job that makes you happy and that you like! That's all Lebron did in my opinion.

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Anonymous said...

Lord, they made a big ass deal like Jesus was coming back!