Sunday, October 10, 2010

Owning Up To YOUR Actions!!!!!

Alot of what's been going on with me lately has been do to others pointing the fingers towards me instead of at themselves. I mean honestly I feel that those that are quick to point the fingers at others before truly assessing the situation shows me that their not responsible enough or business minded enough to step back and considered their role in the matter.

If there's something I didn't do right I am a woman that will own up to that mistake, learn from it, and try my hardest never to make it again. I am truly a person who does still value morals like honesty, respect, loyalty, and responsibility. Too many people get caught up in too many things and lose site of these values. No matter if they mean to or not.

We're living in this 'I want what I want when I want it' type of world and it has alot of people losing their minds, family, and friends. It truly is always a bad thing when relationships are lost over petty and unnecessary things.

Like people say, 'Those that are quick to point a finger at others need to realize there are always 4 fingers pointing back at you!'

Below is a video of my sis Miss.Stef addressing what I'm saying from her own perspective. Now granted this video blog was done over a year ago, the words that she is speaking is still quite relevant with today!! It's actually one of my favorite video blogs that she's done.

Hope you don't get mad I posted it sis!! Love you!!!

P.S. I love how cute and giggly she is in this video!!!! lol


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! This was a great post!! You are really hitting the nail on the head with these posts! I can feel where you're coming from and the video just made it that much clearer!! You ladies ROCK!!!

Miss.Stefanie said...

Thats me! Never sis! But I agree. I still feel like Ryan cant own up to his actions and certain friends. This whole Ryan experience has made me think about responsibility. Its a damn shame grown folks are always point their finger