Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Richest Man

One day, Tim was wandering in the forest thinking about and missing his beloved Tammy.

Satan was looking down upon the earth looking for a soul to torment.  He saw Tim wandering alone in the forest and he flew down to meet him.

Satan said:  "Why Tim, I have been looking for you". 

A startled Tim asked: "What do you want?"

Satan said: "What do I want?  Tim, please, I have a wonderful offer for YOU".

Tim replied: "Thanks, but I am not interested".

Satan said: "Why Tim, you haven't even heard what I have to offer.  I could make you very wealthy!!"

Tim replied: "You don't say".

Satan said: "Yes, I will make you quite wealthy!  You will be rich beyond your dreams!"

Tim replied:  "Excuse me if I sound suspicious, but there wouldn't happen to be a catch?"

Satan said:  "Tim, I am offering you so much!!  All you have to do is give up Tammy's love for you and I will make you rich beyond your dreams."

Tim smiled.

Satan saw the smile and said:  "See Tim, I knew you would like my offer."

Tim's smile broadened and he replied:  "You don't understand.  Satan, I am NOT interested in your offer.  With Tammy's love, I ALREADY AM rich beyond my dreams."

WOW! How beautiful is this?! I pray to one day find and have this!

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