Thursday, April 23, 2009

MTV's Making the Band Finale 'Bittersweet' for Dawn Richard

Thursday night's "Making the Band 4: The Final Chapter" live finale will be "bittersweet" for Danity Kane member Dawn Richard.

"I'm sad that it's coming to a close, but happy that all the negativity can end and the positivity of our name and what we've accomplished can live on," Richard said.

Since last season's finale, "Making the Band" executive producer and Danity Kane founder Sean (Diddy) Combs has slowly disassembled the five-piece girl group, leaving only Richard to continue on, either as a solo artist or the only original member of a new Danity Kane.

"At this point, it's uncertain how things will play out," Richard said. "But I know that I'll continue to write and record music. The future is bright and broad."

The finale, airing Thursday night at 9 on MTV, will feature all of the former members of Danity Kane, a performance by Day26 and some words from Combs.

"I would work with any of those girls again," said Richard. "I got in the audition line called 'Making the Band' because I wanted to be in a band. If I didn't, I would have done 'American Idol.'"


Miss.Stefanie said...

I love dawn but AUndrea was my fvaorite...

Anonymous said...

did u watch the finale???? aubrey is off the chain!!!