Friday, April 3, 2009

Jwork LTD.

I introduce to you the hottest clothing line out of Cols, OH and soon to be the world!!!! Jwork LTD is the premiere and leading clothing line out of the Midwest! They are proud to announce the unveiling and long awaited release of their website: If you are in the state of Ohio or even if your not Jwork cordially invites you to the hottest party of the year!!!

Expect all the biggest and hottest males and females to be in the place to be to celebrate this long awaited and very deserving celebration! Ladies wear your hottest fashion and sexiest stilettos and fellas come out dressed to impress in your fly gear(preferably Jwork...plug And please leave all the negative energy and hateration at the crib. We are trying to celebrate and have a good time!! Thanks in advance!;o)


Hope to see you all there to rock it out with the Jwork LTD. crew! And make sure to check out the website after the release on April 11, 2009!

Shouts out to Jermaine, D Hun,Pooh, Mary, Brandi, Akira, Trav, and the rest of the Jwork LTD. Crew!!! Keep makin it happen!!!


Anonymous said...

Damn!! Im in Cali!! Wish I could come, sounds like fun!!

abw711 said...

Thanks for the love and support. I don't think people realize how this is monumental for us. From where we started to where we are now. Its amazing. I feel really blessed to be apart of the team and we will continue to strive and be the best company that we can be.

JuJu said...

hahaha; i see ME in the pics ;)

go Jwork!! Wish i was there!!! have fun and much luck and success!!!

Kofi Bofah said...

It looks like you all had a blast.

Keep building...