Friday, May 15, 2009

Something New

These were a few people that i as told to download and listen too. Some I liked and some I'm not too sure of?? Maybe I Will let them have to grow on me. But let me know what yall think???

Okay I've never heard of this female mc before so I may be late, but I think she's ok? I just need to hear more from her.

This group I love!! I will be gettin ggtheir album on May 26th!! Shouts out to my girls Binkie and Sarah!! Met those two ladies last few times Usher was in town and they keep it real!!

This song I love cuz it has two of my favorite people on the track! I already had this but i still felt like posting it!!lol



Anonymous said...

I looooove electrik red!!! they are fire and i cant wait til their album comes out either!!

Of course Drake is hot and ive never heard nicki minaj before, but i like her too!

the 1st one was cool, but i agree needed to hear more.


Miss.Stefanie said...

Honestly, I never heard Nicki minaj before until now, I mean I heard of her, but I have got listened to her. Pretty tight I must say.