Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monica’s New BET Show “Still Standing”

With the new release of her highly anticipated drama free reality show debuting tonight on BET at 10/9c,  Monica will stand for more than just the celebrity.

The singer, the mother… Monica will stand for strength. Monica has voiced her views on the new show by saying: "The  reality of our generation is that they don't rely on faith and that was something that I was brought up on to believe and is the key to success, it was the key to living life.  It was the key to making it through different test and trials…I'm bringing back to television that it's ok to trust in God, it's ok to be prayerful.  It's ok to believe in something because if you don't, you stand for nothing.  So I'm saying it on a regular basis and hoping that younger people get that from the show."

Opening up her heart and soul to viewers at the same time displaying her many facets will be no easy fete yet the excitement is encouraging.  With the release of an album & TV show Monica shares,

"I'm excited about the album, it's title Still Standing, two words put together signify strength. When you bind them together and have people that love you and you have the strength behind you as well. And that's what Still Standing represents."

Tune into BET for the premiere of Monica: Still Standing this Tuesday October 27, 2009 10/9C.

FYI: For all new followers and those who have been following my blog from the beginning, this song is why I made my blog and named it Still Standing. I was going through a lot of hurt, pain, stress, loss, disappointments, let downs, and betrayals. I didn't know which way to go or who to trust?!? But when I heard this song it hit HARD and STUCK! Until this day it is my motivation in life.

Monica is one of my all time favorite singers and her songs have always hit home for me! I so appreciate her for being her at all times!! From the time she was 13 starting in the business until now!! She is DEF STILL STANDING!

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