Thursday, June 4, 2009


We never thought this day would come,
But it's finally here at last,

What once was our bright future,
Is now are dim-lit past,

But we hold onto the memories,
The lessons that we learned,

The pathways we have traveled down,
The corners that we turned,

And soon we say our sad goodbyes,
That will last us forever,

We may see each other again,
Maybe once or maybe never,

So make your goodbyes ones to remember,
The kind that will stay in their heads,

Those are the goodbyes they will treasure,
The ones that were sad to be said.

All I have to say is as of today there are only 25 days left and I will be leaving Ohio for good!! So to all my family, friends, associates, blogger fam, twitter fam, Facebook fam, co-workers, etc. better holla at me while ya can, cuz it will be a long time before im back in Ohio.

It's been real here. The childhood memories, school memories, cheerleading memories, work, family, friends, relationships, all the good, bad, happy and sad. but there comes a time in everyone's life when its time to start a new chapter in life.

I'm very anxious about this new chapter and very excited as well. but I cant help but to think about what will happen when i do leave? Will friends still keep in touch like they say hey will? Will my Halo still be just that or will they become some one else's? Its a very bitter sweet felling that I'm having, but i know its for the best.

Everything truly happens for a reason......


Miss.Stefanie said...

Awwwwww goodbyes lead to hello's though!

Anonymous said...

Sis Imma miss u sooooo much!! But best believe my ass will be down there visiting!!! LMAO

*K Baby*

I am Jwork said...

You will be good and your always going to make moves and shine bright lights on everybody.....And I will always have your back....Live your life for you and you only